Drinking Chamomile under the Wolf Blood Red Moon

I got up at 5am this morning to see the Super Wolf Blood Red Moon because I read the UK would see it best between 5.15 and 5.45 am. It was a total lunar eclipse. I took a photograph but it was a lot more impressive than my camera could capture.

It was a “super” moon because the moon’s orbit was as close to the earth as is possible which means that it appeared ten percent larger than usual.

The “wolf” moon is the name for the full moon in January.

The sun’s light is refracted around the earths atmosphere which gives the moon the “blood red” colour.

The evening before I put my crystals in a bowl outside on my garden table to re-energize them. I’ve been waiting for the right full moon for a while to do this.

I love the magazine Spirit and Destiny which advised to cleanse old energies by leaving crystals or tools out in the moonlight for an hour, or to hold them in a running stream. The Super Wolf Blood Red Moon is said to bring powerful energies so this seemed the perfect time to cleanse my crystals.

In my opinion Spirit and Destiny is a great read for a spiritualist. I particularly like the oracle deck sections and all the advice towards health and wellbeing.

Here is the Spirit and Destiny website link if you would like to check it out for yourself;



Chamomile tea

I decided to take a cup of Chamomile tea outside with me to watch the moon for a while. Getting up so early I hadn’t had much sleep yet and therefore I wanted to use the chamomile to doze off again afterwards. It had the added bonus of keeping me warm in the chilly air.

After a while the cold air forced me inside but I watched a little longer from my bedroom window. As the moon disappeared behind the clouds I started to yawn my chamomile tea was doing the trick.


It worked!

I also reach for chamomile tea when I have a headache.  It works for me and I much prefer to do this than reach for headache pills.

Inhaling Chamomile

Drinking chamomile tea I put both hands around my cup and lift the cup and breathe in deeply before I drink. The smell of chamomile can balance the emotions and promote patience. My husband would be the first one to tell you that I need more patience. The smell is soothing and relaxing. There are also essential oils for chamomile if you prefer to use a diffuser, but remember pure essential oils are best.

As a essential oil chamomile may also help with the following;

  • Ease negativity, grief and sadness
  • Aid those who are nervous and behave like children
  • Depression

Making your own Chamomile Tea

My chamomile is bought in tea bags but if you can get hold of fresh German Chamomile you can make your own.

  • Pick the flowerheads in summer.
  • Dry out the herbs. I dry my herbs by hanging them upside down in the house.
  • When dried chop up the herb. I store mine in brown paper bags.
  • Label the bags with herb name, date of expiry (12 months later), ingredients, and uses.
  • Add one teaspoon of the dried herb to a cup of boiling water, and infuse for 5/10 mins. I just cover mine with a small plate.

Other uses for German chamomile

May also be useful for;

  • Calming down the digestive system.
  • Nervous excitability.
  • Restlessness.

To name just a few.


German chamomile can cause allergy problems to anyone allergic to the ragweed family.

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In the future I want to make my own herb garden so that I can have all of my favourite herbs to hand for home remedies.

Chamomile will feature in this garden in the form of pathways between the herbs so that I an easily tend to them all. I have chosen chamomile due to its calming fragrance. Simply treading on the paths will crush the herb dispersing its scent into the air.


Wishing you all love and happiness.


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