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In my last post “Growing Alfalfa Sprouts” I looked for herbal support for after my husband’s operation.


I found that witch hazel may also support my husband’s recovery after his nose and throat operation.

Witch hazel is also known as winter bloom.


The doctor told my husband that he may suffer nosebleeds for a few days after his operation. Searching for herbal suggestions to ease nosebleeds I found witch hazel and bought a bottle to give it a try.

Reading about witch hazel told me that it promotes the stopping of bleeding because its haemostatic. Haemostasis is a body’s response to blood vessel injury and bleeding. As a result blood clots are formed and bleeding stops.

I’m pleased I found witch hazel because its also cooling, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory.

Easing Nosebleeds

Arriving home my husband’s nose continued to bleed. Therefore taking a cotton wool pad I tore it half. Rolling each piece I soaked the ends of each half with witch hazel.

Inserting the witch hazel soaked ends into his nostrils we waited. After re-applying fresh swabs three times, by end of the day the nose had practically stopped bleeding. Consequently leaving my husband with just traces of blood in his mucus.

We both believe that the witch hazel stopped the bleeding quicker.

I bought pure and organic witch hazel for this process. Having very sensitive skin I use products containing the minimum amount of chemicals possible.

I chose;


Not a cheap option to choose, but I can’t put a price on my husband’s health.


  • Witch hazel is no longer used internally.
  • Try a little first to make sure that you don’t get a skin irritation.

I place tiny amounts of new products onto my skin to test for any reaction. I choose a part of my body that is easily hidden in case I get a negative reaction. Due to my high sensitivity I warily await to see how my body will react.

I still have a unsightly red mark on my ankle caused by a bug bite in the summertime. Therefore I dabbed witch hazel onto it because its said to be ideal for many skin problems. Five days later I can see the redness reducing already.


Witch hazel twigs have been used as divining rods to find underground water for years.

Water divining is also known as dowsing and dowsers are sometimes known as water witches. I love this name! People believe that using the twigs of the hazel tree to divine has something to do the “witch” part of the name.

Walking over an area with a hazel twig, L-shaped  rods or a pendulum locates high-energy points. The rods cross over or separate, the hazel twig twitches and the pendulum swings when a high-energy point is found. Dowsers walk several criss-cross routes with their chosen divining tool until the tool  moves in the same place each time.  Finally confirming to them that the right area has been found.

I’ve been reading that even water companies have started dowsing to detect leaks again;


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Chosen tool for dowsing

I’ve been wanting to have a go at dowsing by using a pendulum. Under the recent wolf blood red moon I put outside a necklace and my crystals.

Spiritually using the moonlight or a running stream is said to rid tools of old energies. Therefore placing my crystals outside under the moon I hoped to re-energize them and cleanse my necklace ready for dowsing.

Looking at my Drinking Chamomile under the wolf blood red moon post gives more information;


I was given the chosen necklace by my mother many years ago and therefore  it is very special to me. Sadly my mother and father have now passed away. Making the necklace’s angel pendant even more special because I feel like my mum is now an angel looking over me.

I keep  a copy of a dowsing article from Spirit and Destiny magazine in readiness.  Until needed I keep my necklace in a black pouch to protect it.

If you enjoyed the dowsing part of this post take a look at my post detailing my first dowsing experience;



I love Spirit and Destiny magazine which feeds my body, mind and spirit just as it advertises. Here is their webpage if you wish to take a look;


Lastly I want to thank my dear friend for introducing me to this wonderful magazine.

Blessings to you all.




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