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I feel its important to write about dosages for herbal preparations which may assist the body to heal itself.

I’ve realised during the last couple of years that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) . This realisation began when I read Elaine N. Aaron’s book “The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Survive and Thrive When the World Overwhelms You.” I thank Elaine for helping me to appreciate my sensitive side and to learn how to live with it.

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As I grow spiritually I also see that I have the traits of an Empath because I seem to feel another persons emotions.

Being a HSP means that I’m more sensitive than the majority because approximately only 20% of the population are highly sensitive. As a result I’m naturally more sensitive to chemicals as part of my trait.

Sensitivity and Drugs

My sensitivities may also have contributed to the very nasty side effects of drugs that I was prescribed in the past.

While learning about herbalism I have found that my sensitivity means that I require lower dosages. Therefore when I use one of my herbal preparations I only need to take a child’s dose for it to be effective.

If you want to see if you are highly sensitive too take a look at my post;


In the post I describe my sensitivities along with examples. See if any resonate with yourself and maybe you have others of your own.

The Golden Rule

When I take a herbal preparation I start with the lowest dose possible. I find its best to begin this way. Then if necessary I increase the dose in small increments until I achieve the desired result.

I prefer tinctures to capsules because its so easy to add or take away a few drops.


I’m not a big fan of taking capsules. They contain standard doses for everyone and do not take into account individual differences. Even when you go into the hospital for an operation your anaesthetic is tailored to your size. I feel that herbal preparations should be too.

Individual differences include;


It seems obvious to me that a smaller person does not require as big a dose as a large person. How can a small and thin five foot pensioner require the same dosage as a strapping six foot bodybuilder?

Airlines assume an average weight per person and unfortunately drug companies seem to do the same.


I often find there are separate instructions for children and some even say for adults only. However elderly individuals often need a lower dose as well.


I find that full dosages are far too powerful for me. An example of this is when I bought myself Astragalus capsules. I bought these because I needed something to try to support my weak immune system.

I took one capsule per day as prescribed on the bottle. After a few days I was bouncing off the walls and couldn’t sleep. This may have been because Chinese medicine says that it may assist with fatigue too.

Therefore I decided to make a tincture with the Astragalus root inside the capsules instead. Now I take a much tinier amount of just five drops of Astragalus tincture in water per day. I’m glad to say that I am no longer bouncing off the walls.

Autoimmune disorders

I’ve read that people with autoimmune disorders who take children’s dosages can achieve success with this amount. An auto immune disease is when your immune system mistakenly attacks your body.


Making a tincture from capsules I open them up to remove the dried root. Then I soak the dried root in alcohol for several weeks and ensure that I shake the mixture on a regular basis. When ready I strain the liquid using cheesecloth and throw away the remaining root. I’m always amazed by the beautiful colours of the liquid that remains.

I find opaque dropper bottles best but if these are not available I use transparent ones and keep them in a dark cupboard.

These homemade tinctures save me a lot of money because a little of the herb goes a long way.

Making my tinctures depends upon many factors and for this reason I consider all factors very carefully before preparing. I only prepare tinctures for myself because I am not qualified to do so for clients. However herbal preparations can readily be bought in tincture form. 

The good news is if you can’t use or don’t want alcohol tinctures glycerine ones can be found instead. These are made with vegetable glycerine which is a clear and odourless liquid produced from plant oils.

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I never take a herb for longer than necessary. When the reason for taking the herbal preparation has disappeared I only take the herb for a further 48 hours then stop.

I always stop taking my homemade Elderberry syrup 48 hours after my symptoms disappear. Elderberry syrup is my first stop whenever a cold begins to rear its ugly head.

I love herbs!

I love my herbal preparations because I’m not getting the awful side effects like the ones I got from pill enclosed drugs.

Until next time keep well and happy.


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