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Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils to change or modify the mind, body, or spirit. They mainly have a psychological effect and the oils are most effective when inhaled or used for external application.

My first experience of using smells to relax was many years ago when I had breast cancer. I would lie on the sofa, close my eyes and listen to gentle music. My choice of music to relax to back then included the sounds of rain forests and whales. I would light an incense stick and candles to create a relaxing ambience because this worked really well for me.

If you or someone you know is dealing with breast cancer, and you would like to see more of my tips take a look at my “Tips to deal with a mastectomy and breast cancer ” post;

My favourite scent now is sandalwood. Whilst learning about aromatherapy I realised why and that sandalwood was the perfect intuitive choice for me. I will briefly talk about chakras to explain why.



I read about chakras when I started my spiritual journey. They are energy centres within the body which help to regulate organ function, the immune system and emotions.

The seven main chakras are;


Located inside the top of the head hence essential oils used here are ones to help with spiritual enlightenment.

Third eye

Located between the eyes therefore essential oils which are used here help to connect with higher functions of consciousness.


Located at the Adam’s apple, for that reason essential oils are used here are those to help with communication and self-expression.


Located in the chest meaning that essential oils for this area are those to help with loving and caring and a strong sense of love for yourself.

Solar plexus

Located in the stomach area so essential oils used here are ones which are linked to the digestive system.


Located 3 to 4 inches below the solar plexus and for that reason the type of essential oils used here create an affinity with the reproductive organs.


Located at the base of the spine so essential oils for this area are ones used for grounding and strengthening to allow the body to connect to the earth.


When chakras are too open or blocked they can effect emotional balance. When I burn sandalwood I always feel calmer and more at peace and looking at chakras explains why. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and oversensitivity can be a sign of a blocked Sacral chakra.  I’m also fearful at times because my health makes it difficult for me to go out. This can be a sign of a blocked Solar Plexus chakra.

I looked at the suggested essential oils for Sacral and Solar Plexus blocked chakras and they both have sandalwood in their suggestions to help. How amazing that I was already attracted to sandalwood and burning sandalwood incense sticks on a regular basis!

If you are interested in finding out more about the suggested essential oils for yourself using the chakra system send me your details via the “contact us” page.

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Using a Diffuser

I use a couple of diffusers but my favourite one is the pink rock salt burner because it gives off such a beautiful glow. Switching it on creates the right ambience when I meditate.

I wanted a pink rock salt lamp for a long time and as a result I was very excited to learn that it was possible to get one which also burns oils. The top of the lamp has a small metal bowl which I three quarters fill with water. I then add 2-3 drops of my desired essential oil. When the lamp bulb heats up the essence disperses into the room. For best results I close the door and windows of the room that I’m using the burner in.

A photograph of the bowl in the top of the diffuser.

Lavender Essential Oil

I prefer to use lavender essential oil in my rock salt burner which is located by my bedside. The oil is burned at night before I go to sleep and again first thing in the morning while I meditate. Lavender brings together all of the chakras and balances the aura which maybe explains why it calms and relaxes me.

One of lavenders many properties is sedative and can be used for insomnia and for that reason it is an ideal choice to use before I go to sleep.

Other suggested uses for inhaling lavender oil are;

  • to uplift the emotions
  • bring calm at times of stress and tension
  • asthma
  • migraine
  • nausea
  • sunstroke


  • Some people with low blood pressure may feel a bit dull and drowsy after using this oil.
  • It is a oil that stimulates or increases menstrual flow and is therefore best to avoid during the early months of pregnancy.
  • DO NOT use with psoriasis because of its ability to generate cell growth.

Essential Oils

If my post inspires you to try out essential oils and their effects for yourselves it is first of all best to purchase pure essential oils which are natural plant essences. Try to avoid oils advertised as nature identical, isolates, perfume compounds, and aromas.

I found reasonably priced and good quality pure essential oils from a company called Fresh Skin. I bought their winter essential pack and they provide packs for each season;

It’s noteworthy that essential oils must be kept in brown or dark coloured bottles, kept away from the light, and kept tightly closed when they are not in use. Consequently if they are not some of the oils can evaporate very quickly if they are not stored correctly.

Warning for Epileptics with Regards to Essential 0ils

 Some essential oils may trigger epilepsy and these include sage, rosemary, fennel, eucalyptus, hyssop, wormwood, camphor and spike lavender.

On the other hand essential oils which have a calming and relaxing effect may help. These oils include jasmine, ylang ylang, camomile, and lavender (not spike lavender).

To find out more about essential oils and epilepsy take a look at the following article from The;


Be aware that you never know if you’re intolerant to something new until you try it for the first time. In fact I believe its best to try a tiny amount first and wait a day or two to check that there is no adverse reaction. 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any medications, always check with your doctor to ensure that using any of these suggestions don’t contradict them.


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