About me

Sitting on a toadstool!

Hi all! Welcome to my blog.

I’m writing this blog to share my love of herbalism, foraging, and spiritualism. My journey began while I was looking for ways to cope with long term illnesses. Now I share my new love with friends and family too.

I took an online Master Herbalist Course and I am delighted to say that I have achieved a Level 5 Master Herbalist (Phytotherapy) Certificate of Achievement. I got a distinction too – woo hoo!!

The course has given me a keen interest in working with herbs, aromatherapy and foraging. I always get very excited when I go foraging, and I absolutely love to be outside in nature. I have already made salves, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, and syrups and I am absolutely loving it!

Along the way I will share my tips to deal with personal health issues and alternative ways to cope.

Let me see if I can get any of my excitement to rub off onto you too! Come and join me in my journey of discovering natures many wonders.

I also illustrate my blogs with my own photographs and drawing because I love photography and drawing too! 

Here is my certificate;

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